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'In life there are those who go down and there are those who go up ...

then there is Pallotto!

A man and his ladders that rung by rung try to get higher and higher.

In the constant search for balance, this modern acrobat makes you fly

objects, improvises with the audience and plays with him.

Show sponsored by Nasaa, Bolllywood and  the Papal State. '


primo Premi_edited.png

Gianni Damiano Award Winner


Mister Acrilic is the painter that no one would want  call home!

Dazed, idiotic, rambling but also poetic and romantic 
like the world he creates around his scaffolding with his brushes, his ladders and that magical bin

that makes objects appear!

A world of flying hats, unexpected hangovers and castles that pop out of nowhere

Fool fool Bang bang

proiettile ok_edited.png

Play and joke, love and shoot!


Fool fool bang bang is a succession of clever nonsense and ingenious nonsense.

And Lodzi, a surreal and bizarre character,

accompanies the public in his crazy world and


ironic ... similar to a cartoon

*da agricoltura biologica

Matteo Pallotto, aka Pallotto, was born at the age of 0 on 9 September 1985 in Macerata, one  charming city of the Marche immersed in the countryside, surrounded by farmhouses, fields and cows.
He completed all his studies up to graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts in the multimedia language sector; it will be art ...

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